Alamut By Vladimir Bartol -

alamut bartol novel wikipedia - alamut is a novel by vladimir bartol first published in 1938 in slovenian dealing with the story of hassan i sabbah and the hashshashin and named after their alamut fortress bartol first started to conceive the novel in the early 1930s when he lived in paris, alamut by vladimir bartol goodreads - vladimir bartol 133 followers bartol was born on february 24 1903 in san giovanni slovene sveti ivan a suburb of the austro hungarian city of trieste now in italy as the third child of seven children of a middle class slovene family, amazon com alamut scala translation 9781556436819 - vladimir bartol 1903 1967 was a slovene intellect and journalist living in the trieste region of italy prior to world war ii an early follower of jung and freud and slovenia s first translator of nietzsche bartol wanted to fuse psychology and literature with the story of the world s first terrorist to tell the story of mussolini, alamut by vladimir bartol paperback barnes noble - alamut is a fairytale like narrative which is set in a historical setting in 1092 bartol uses historical elements such as alamut castle some characters sunni and shiite struggles and the power degradation in persia as tools to tell a fictional story, alamut by vladimir bartol penguinrandomhouse com - alamut takes place in 11th century persia in the fortress of alamut where self proclaimed prophet hasan ibn sabbah is setting up his mad but brilliant