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axial piston variable pump replaces 09 97 a a4vso - ra 92050 a 06 09 aa4vso for hfc fluids bosch rexroth corp 5 64 technical data selection diagram viscosity v mm 2 s sus 16 80 36 170 1000 4635, brueninghaus hydromatik rexroth a4vso pump victory - brueninghaus hydromatik rexroth a4vso pump series 10 22 30 nominal pressure 5100 psi 350 bar peak pressure 5800 psi 400 bar model a4vso71 a4vso125 a4vso180 a4vso250 a4vso355 a4vso500 a4vso750, rexroth a4vso variable axial piston hydraulic pump - control devices dr pressure control the dr pressure control serves to maintain a constant pressure in a hydraulic system within the control range of the pump the pressure can be sleeplessly set on the control valve setting range 20 to 350 bar optional with remote controllable pressure control drg