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women don t ask negotiation and the gender divide - heinz negotiation academy for women linda babcock sara laschever progress program for outreach on gender equity in society a highly readable thoroughly researched and important book, science reveals why many black women don t have long hair - in a world where weaves wigs extensions clip ins you name it have become the norm amongst black women in the u s and abroad you may ask yourself why can t black women just grow their own long hair, as muslim women we actually ask you not to wear the hijab - as muslim women we actually ask you not to wear the hijab in the name of interfaith solidarity, older men older women ask me anything - i m 51 and basically just want to post images of people still rocking their style in middle age here you ll see images from professional photographers as well as a lot of selfies from other tumblrs if i post your image and you don t want it out there just let me know and i ll remove it, 13 things mentally strong women don t do according to a - men and women build mental strength the same way gender doesn t matter but when it comes to counterproductive bad habits that might slow your progress or keep you stuck gender can play a, 10 things men don t do while dating anymore pairedlife - i haven t done a lot of dating recently but i have done my fair share over the years so at the risk of sounding frustrated by today s dating scene i am going to go there i know i share the sentiments of many women especially those women who, women don t owe you shit tumblr - not a smile not a hello not a glance not sympathy not a single second of their time not attention not a hug not a thought not a laugh not a reply not their body not their mind nothing just leave them alone already it doesn t matter what you give time money gifts a date, please don t touch black women s hair scarymommy com - i know i shouldn t have to ask such a thing but trust me it legit happens often you can ask any black woman and she probably has a story or two or twenty about a white woman sticking her hands where they don t belong, french women don t get fat mireille guiliano - stylish convincing wise funny and just in time the ultimate non diet book which could radically change the way you think and live french women don t get fat but they do eat bread and pastry drink wine and regularly enjoy three course meals, why mentally strong women don t fear breaking the rules - amy morin is a psychotherapist college psychology instructor and the author of 13 things mentally strong people don t do a best selling book that is being translated into more than 20 languages, why women aren t funny vanity fair - women have no corresponding need to appeal to men in this way they already appeal to men if you catch my drift indeed we now have all the joy of a scientific study which illuminates the, women aren t nags we re just fed up harper s bazaar - the unpaid job men still don t understand walking that fine line to keep the peace and not upset your partner is something women are taught to accept as their duty from an early age, 15 questions you can t ask employees lawdepot blog - 15 questions you can t ask employees some questions that many people ask during interviews are actually illegal take a look at this post to see what you as an employer can and can t ask your potential or current employees, men in love the rational male - dalrock had an interesting post last week she s the victim and as is the nature of dal s conversation the post served as the tree trunk for various branches of very interesting off shoot discussion starviolet a regular commenter some would say troll dropped what was a seemingly innocuous question can men really not tell